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Business Credit Reports Available Through SmartSearch

Some good news about a further expansion to the BTC AML Search service, the SmartSearch search platform now has Business Credit Reports powered by Experian becoming available on 15 July. This is an additional service and as such carries an additional cost to the normal company search, each additional credit report search is priced at £6.50+vat in addition to the normal search cost. 

The Business Credit Reports are part of the business searches, you would run a search on a business as normal and then on the first page you will notice a green ‘creditdata’ button. When you click on that a new tab will appear which contains all the credit headings for you to navigate your way around (please see the headings below).  

·         Credit assessment – the company score against the average for the sector
·         Balance Sheet
·         Cash Flow
·         Profit and Loss
·         Company Ratios and Disclosure Items
·         Days Beyond Terms
·         CCJs
·         Legal Notices
·         Mortgage Charges and Satisfactions
·         Consumer Credit Licences
·         Previous Searches

This services stops the need for two subscription services or two individual searches between two platforms, and we are sure many will find this invaluable.