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General FAQ's

(a) As a professional in practice, what is the cost to me?

Professionals such as accountants and solicitors represent the interests of many clients and as such our facilities are tailored to your needs with support and advice when required along with 21 days credit terms for account holders.  We also tailor packages specifically to meets the needs of these professionals. 

Since we are establishing a business relationship, for anti-money laundering purposes, we may have to verify your firm in order to create your account. We will create a secure area on our site only accessible by your firm with your own login name and password.

To apply for your account simply click on the link below.

Open an account to day


(b) How long will it take to incorporate my clients company?

Generally Companies house have an average processing time of 4 hours for electronic submissions of formations. On completion of a successful submission you will be informed initially by email which will have attached to it the certificate of incorporation and a copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association (the accountants pack will also email a PDF copy of the registers). Any printed packs will be quickly produced and dispatched the same day as the incorporation to your offices. 

Please do not be tempted to take the same day incorporations options in the order system unless it is before 3 o’clock on the day of incorporation and the action cannot wait until the following day. Same day incorporations attract and additional £25 filing fee, and are in most scenarios unnecessary.


(c) Does every company need a secretary?

No. All PLC's must have a secretary, however Companies Act 2006 S270(1) states "A private company is not required to have a secretary", this has effect from 6 April 2008.

However the order provides that a company whose articles immediately before 6 April 2008 expressly required it to have a secretary is a company "with a secretary" for the purposes of S270(2) until its Articles are amended to remove the requirement.

Care should be taken with sole director/member company's who do not appoint a secretary. If the sole director dies there is no serving officer who can effect a transfer of shares. As the law currently stands any assets owned by the company will become property of the crown.


(d) What details of my clients do I need to form a company on their behalf?

For all officers and members the criteria for electronic filing are the same. For each per person involved you will require;

  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Occupation.

For security purposes an electronic signature is then created by using elements of the personal information of the client. Any three of the following list is required;-

  • Last 3 digits of the telephone number
  • Last 3 digits of the NI Number.
  • Last 3 digits of the passport number
  • First 3 letters of the town of birth
  • First 3 letters of mother’s maiden name
  • First 3 letters of father’s forename
  • First 3 letters of Eye colour


(e) Are all companies formed to the same set standard?

We do use a default set of Memorandum and Articles of Association. We can also as part of the incorporation have a subdivision of a particular class of share and any rights associated with the subdivision amended through the articles. This is commonly known as ‘alphabet shares’. Any Memorandum & Articles can be amended for an individual company or for general requirements  of your firm.

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