Company Secretarial and Register Services

The majority of newly incorporated companies do not change the officers and shareholding for their life time. They are owner managed business, many are family owned. Some are more complex and require a degree of secretarial and register support. At BTC Company Services we can supply services for all eventualities.

Register Completion Service 

By selecting this option as part of the incorporation process we will produce the completed register and certificates for you or your client. The service includes:-

  • Completion of the statutory registers
  • Completion of the share certificates for the subscribers, and
  • Minutes of the first meeting of the directors

This service is included as standard in the 'Accountants' and 'E-Compliance' packs for which a copy is also despatched in PDF Format by email.

Copy Certificates of Incorporation

A duplicate certificate of incorporation for Companies formed by BTC may be obtained and despatched directly to you. This will be reprinted on the traditional 'Ivory Card' as expected of Companies House certificates of Incorporation. £15+VAT          

A Duplicate certificate of incorporation for Companies not formed by BTC are obtained from Companies House and dispatched directly to your selves at a cost of £30+VAT.  Many companies when requesting this service may be better served by ordering a certificate of good standing.          

Secretarial Duties and Procedures

There are some circumstances when some tasks need to be undertaken and we are unsure of the procedures or the correct forms, for example;

Applications for allotments of shares - BTC staff can prepare the appropriate letters of request from applications, draft the minutes of the board of directors approving the allotments and complete the appropriate Companies House forms ready for submission.

Increase or alteration in the directors powers to allot shares - There are times when this may need extending, shortening or capping. BTC staff will draft the appropriate board minutes and the written resolution of members ready for submission to Companies House.

Transfer of Shares - BTC staff will prepare the stock transfer form, help advise on the value  of any stamp duty payable and the procedures for doing so, prepare the draft board minutes of the directors approving the transfer of shares.

These and other services like the above can vary from case to case (please see our section on  'Alteration to Articles'  for some similar services), the above price is quite typical, but please contact us with further details so we can provide an accurate quote for you on any of the above or a further secretarial issue to be resolved.

Stephen O'Neill is licensed and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians to provide services in accordance with license No.443 details of which are displayed at the registered office address.
by phone:  0800 085 4127