Worldpay Merchant Services

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Accepting debit / credit card payments is an essential step to ensure that your new company not only survives but thrives. With Worldpay Merchant Services, your newly formed company or business can quickly and easily take debit and credit card payments online, face-to-face, by mail and telephone (MOTO)

What makes Worldpay different?

  • Most shoppers value different payment options. With Worldpay, you can give them just that.
  • Improve your company's credibility - especially for new companies, consumers need to be reassured you're legitimate and the established Worldpay brand gives you just that.
  • Increased productivity: taking and processing debit and credit card payments with Worldpay is simple and efficient.
  • Payments are processed immediately meaning that the money goes straight into your account for improved cash flow.
  • Increase security and reduce fraud because card payments can be screened as they are processed

In a nutshell, Worldpay helps you to achieve:

  • happy and loyal customers
  • increased earnings
  • productive staff
  • credible, highly efficient business

Why is accepting debit / credit card payments important?

Increased Security

By accepting card payments, you can help reduce the risk facing your business with fewer trips to the bank, less cash on premises and advanced protection against fraud.

Cut Costs

Taking debit / credit card payments can help your business cut its costs by making it easier for you to operate efficiently and more productively.


In today's modern world, accepting card payments is expected of any credible business. Customers expect to be able to use their cards to pay for goods, and by giving them the option, your business credibility is increased.

Worldpay merchant services are available to all types of company including companies with overseas directors and shareholders. Please note however that this offer is not available to any company with a nominee director or shareholder in their company structure.

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