Change of Company Name

How do I change the Company name?

A change of name occurs when a company registers a name which is different to its previous registered name. For example, a company changing its name from J Smith Limited to John Smith Limited. There are two methods of filing, either electronically or by paper. 

Electronic Filing

Name changes can now be filed electronically through our software. The system will create and file the written resolution of members and the Form NM01. You will receive a PDF certificate of name change on completion as well as a card copy, along with a copy of the written resolution of members filed on your behalf.

Our fee for this service is £20+vat plus the £8 on-line Companies House filing fee.

NB. The Company Authentication Code (CAC) is required for electronic filing. All Companies formed through our system has this stored in your log in area and can file automatically. For other companies the CAC needs to be manually entered in the correct area and the details imported from companies house. 

Paper Filing

If you want us to perform this on your behalf, after your order has been received we will e-mail you the relevant documents (in PDF) to be signed by you or your client for submission to Companies House.

BTC Staff will complete all the requirements for you, making the process simple, we will;

  • Check the availability of the new name with the Companies House register.
  • Prepare minutes and resoulutions of a directors' meeting recommending the name change to members of the company.
  • The company must pass a special resolution at a general meeting; or more commonly under the Companies Act 2006 a written resolution of members;
  • The members sign a written resolution (representing not less than 75% of the total voting rights of eligible shares) that has the effect of a special resolution, for the name of the company be changed to the new name.
  • Companies House Form NM01 for the notice of change.
  • The company must notify the Companies House by delivering a notice of change of name on Form NM01with a copy of the written resolution of members and with the appropriate filing fee (£10).

Our fee for this service costs just £40+vat. You do not need to put the new name on your articles and/or memorandum.

How long does it take to register a change of name?

If all the documents are correct, Companies House will normally process the change of name within five working days of receipt for paper filing and around 3-4 hours for electronic filing. If the new name and documents are acceptable they will issue a certificate of incorporation on change of name. The new name is only effective when they have registered all the necessary documents and issued the certificate. 

If the name change is urgent you can take advantage of the ‘Same Day’ service for which the current Companies House Filing Fee is £50 for paper filing and £30 for electronic filing. If Companies House receive the resolution before 3 pm (Monday-Friday), either by paper or electronically and accept the name and documents, they will issue a change of name certificate on that day. 

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