Administration of a UK Limited Company

Below are some standard questions concerning administration

(a) What about statutory books or registers?

It is a requirement under the Companies Act that all companies keep the deails of their officers and shareholders as well as mortgages and charges in registers. This information must be kept up to date and made available for public viewing upon written request. In most private companies the owner/managers seldom change, they tend to be family run.  In our most popular packages we offer a simple loose leaf register suitable for 3-4 officers/members which usually suffices. For a more substantial organisation or for those requiring that little bit extra we offer an upgrade to a hard backed, ring binder register. This is also standard in some of our packages.

(b) What about completion of the statutory registers?

For that little bit extra we offer our completion service, this is the completion of the statutory registers for all initial entries and the issuing of the share certificates.  This is a standard service in our accountants and E-Compliance packs and includes the registers and certificates being delivered in PDF as well

(c) What other services concerning the administration of my clients companies can you offer?

The system is more than just a formation programme; it offers a range of post incorporation administrative services. The details of all companies formed, including the officers and members are stored in your own secure portal area. Upon incorporation the ‘Company Authentication Code’ is also stored securely; this makes the system an electronic gateway into the Companies House system. 

You can appoint, resign and amend details of officers, change the registered office and the accounting reference date. This is even more important now shuttle annual returns have ceased. You can submit an annual return and charge the cost to your BTC account. You will receive a reminder one month before the due date. 

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