Corporate Legal Services

BTC are much more than just one of the leading Company Formation Agents – we have a full range of products and services that can help in once your company is up and running, a range of business support services for your post incorporation needs.

The Companies Act has a range of civil and criminal offences for non-compliance. These can range from penalties for late filing of accounts, removal of companies from the register and fines of £250 for not filing new articles within 28 days when amendments are made. Both shareholders and directors have rights enshrined within legislation and companies must ensure that these rights are respected in any actions undertaken.

In addition, in Companies Act Compliance there are various Taxes Acts to comply with concerning not just dividends but also capital issues. Stamp duty plays an important role in many transactions especially concerning the sale or transfer of shares. BTC's qualified staff can help advise on the various issues raised and if necessary help obtain HMRC Clearance.

The conduct of officers in performance of their duties are enshrined within the Companies Act in Sections 170 to 177, making it essential that decisions minutes and resolutions are correctly produced and accurately reflect the business undertaken and complies with the relevant sections on the Act.  

We offer a range of company secretarial and legal compliance services to aid you in the management and administration of your company post incorporation. These range from a company name change to works centred on the company’s constitution such as amendments to articles and for setting up rights to share classes.

The CA2006 introduces new procedures for 'Reduction in share capital' by the way of a solvency statement. We offer this service along with the traditional company's repurchase of share capital procedures.

The Companies Act 2006 has given the registrar powers under sections 1000 to 1002 to strike off what he believes to be unwanted companies. The Act does however allow for an administrative restoration of these companies without going through the court system, if so required. We offer administrative restorations along with the full restoration procedures.

We also offer a range of legal stationery from company registers, blank share certificates to a range of company seals and registered office plates.

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