Mail Redirection and Forwarding Services

In today's mordern world, with increasing connectivity, more and more people are now choosing to work from home: it's often more productive due to reduced distractions and also helps to improve the work-life balance.

Much of the information surrounding a company is available to the public and this may not always be practical whilst wanting to maintain a private life at the same time.

Our redirection and forwarding services for your business mail is one of several options that would help to protect your private address. Not only that, but our mail forwarding service can often improve the credibility of your business by allowing you to use our presigious address on your letterheads and other stationery. It is particularly popular with smaller start up businesses and companies. Please note, this service does not apply to parcels.

How does it work?

When we receive postal mail (excludes parcels) on behalf of your business, it is then picked up and handled by our trained team and then carefully, promptly and efficiently forwarded onto your own address. We process mail for this service on a daily basis.

The address to which we redirect your mail is up to you. For example we can forward your mail either the accountants’ offices, if they are the account holder, or direct to your own home address, and you can change the address to which we send the post at any time.

How can I order it?

You could order this service while ordering a company formation online using our website or you can contact us to arrange the service for an existing company or business today.

What can I use it for?

You're welcome to use our prestigious address for all business correspondence. Letterheads and other stationery are a popular and common way this is used.

Why should I use your address?

Our address is a genuine office location with dedicated mail handling staff. We do not operate imitation ‘mail box’ addresses. This helps give the impression your business is actually based at our address rather than being a forwarding service.

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Our trained staff are also experienced in handling large quantities of mail every day and so you can rest assured your mail will be forwarded with care and expertise that you would expect.

How much does it cost?

Our initial set up price of £100.00 + VAT for the service, payable once. There is also a charge for each item we forward on to your designated address. This charge covers the relevant postage and handling fee, and starts at just 95p per item and depends on the size and weight of the mail being forwarded.

Payment for the forwarded mail items is invoiced a monthly basis.

Sample of costs and charges

  • Postage and handling 100gm Small Letter £0.95
  • Postage and handling 100gm Large Letter £1.25
  • Packets up to 750gm £4.25 

Please note: failure to keep your account up to date and in good standing will mean we will not forward on your mail. In this case, all mail that we receive will be returned to sender. This service is a regulated activity under the Money Laundering Regulations forming an ongoing business relationship as such we are obligated to identify and verify the identity of those who own and control the company and monitor activity. We may use electronic verification to perform the verification process. Failure to verify any identities may result in the service being withdrawn.

You may also be interested in our Company Registered Office Address service and Director's Service Address facilities. These services allow your residential address and company's address to be kept away from the public registers. Which of these services you require to keep your details private will vary according to your particular company's structure as well as your own preferences.

Stephen O'Neill is licensed and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians to provide services in accordance with license No.443 details of which are displayed at the registered office address.
by phone:  0800 085 4127