The Complete Service

We give you a complete company formation service and can provide all the documents your company will need to comply with the legal requirements of the Companies Act. Our range of predefined packages and additional extras can be tailored to your exact requirements. Dependent on the service you select you will receive the following:

PDF Documents – All applications for incorporation will receive a PDF copy of the submission to Companies House by email at the point of sending. Once the company incorporation is successful at Companies House, PDF copies of the registrars original certificate of incorporation PDF copy of BTC Memorandum and Articles and PDF Minutes of the first meeting of directors are emailed to the applicant.

Printed Memorandum and Articles of Association – Dependent on the package selected you will receive copies of our printed Memorandum and Articles of Association which are the document which sets out the constitution of the company. (Apart from our E-Filing only packages). These are printed on 100gm paper and are customised with your firms details on their front covers (account holders only).

Printed Certificate of Incorporation - Nowadays approximately 80% of all company formations in this country are done electronically and this is constantly increasing. Companies House does not as standard practice provides paper copies of incorporation certificates for entities which are electronically formed. Instead Certificates of Incorporation are now made available in the form of an Adobe document which is deemed to be the original company certificate. However, as most companies, and financial institutions, still prefer the paper format, your company certificate is printed on 160g ivory card according to the Companies House guidelines (except our electronic only package).

Combined Company Register – we provide as standard a loose leaf register which fulfils the obligations under the Companies Act, and is used to record details of share allotments and transfers, mortgages/charges, a register of directors, a register of directors service addresses, a register of secretaries, etc. It also Includes 4 blank share certificates. It is a perfect register for the smaller family run business, (Not included in our Basic package). A hard backed ring binder style register, which is more suited to more complex companies, is available as an optional upgrade and is also included as standard in some of our packages.

Register Completion service – Included as standard in some of our packages and as an optional extra for all others, we complete all the relevant initial entries in the registers of the company and issue the appropriate share certificates. We also complete the minutes of the first meeting of the board of directors, which ensures that all the requirements of the Companies Act for incorporation are met. A PDF version is also delivered by email as part of the packages.

Companies House Forms - Our website is an interactive portal into the Companies House Filing system. Once your company is incorporated you can log back in to your own secure portal area and file a number of forms which may be required for amendments to the company now or at a later date. These include Companies House Forms for the appointment, resignation or change of details of directors and secretaries, either individual or corporate appointments. Change of registered office and Single Alternate Inspection Location forms (SAIL), you can amend you accounting reference date as well as file the companies annual return. Most of these forms are filed free of charge.

Company Authentication Code (CAC) – This is required for web filings to Companies House, allowing you to make any changes to your company’s records online (see above), this is stored in your own secure area of the website. To retrieve the CAC log back into your own secure area.

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Additional items – If your order or pack contains items such as a company seal or a registered office brass plate,  these will be dispatched to you directly from the manufacturer within 48 hours. For Introductions’ such as bank accounts, the suppliers are notified of your details immediately upon a successful incorporation and will have a representative contact you as soon as possible.

Stephen O'Neill is licensed and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians to provide services in accordance with license No.443 details of which are displayed at the registered office address.
by phone:  0800 085 4127