Why you need the Leonard Curtis Business Rescue Services

As professional advisors, from time to time one or more of your clients will get into financial difficulty and more than likely go insolvent. Sometimes you are the last to find out, it can happen without you even knowing it.
For you and your firm, that can be bad news as;-

  • You usually lose your outstanding invoices and any unbilled work in progress
  • You can lose your client
  • Then you lose your expected reoccurring and forward fee income

How we can we help you 

Our aim, wherever possible, is to get your clients back on their feet and thus preserve your relationship. Leonard Curtis, with their close working relationship with many of the the major high street banks can be invaluable in establishing the programme of recovery.

Of course, not all your clients’ businesses can be saved. When a business needs to be wound up, the emphasis is to do this with understanding, efficiency and speed. 

By working closely with BTC and Leonard Curtis, we can;- 

  • Offer free help and support
  • Help you maintain your client by keeping its business going, even post insolvency, and
  • Assist you to earn and recover fees during any turnaround or insolvency process.

When to call us and get that Free Support

The sooner the better, the earlier we can discuss your clients’ position the more likely we are, in supporting your firm, helping you to save your clients business. An insolvency partner is always available to give advice and any initial consultation which may result is normally free of charge.

There are clear early warning signs that should alert you, here are a few examples, if any of these look familiar why not give us a call?

  • Non-payment of your fees
  • Non-payment or serious arrears of HMRC statutory debt such as VAT or CT
  • Legal action being taken against your client
  • CCJs
  • Winding up petitions
  • Bank funding or overdraft pressures
  • Loss of key customers 

Our Partner - Leonard Curtis - Business Rescue & Insolvency

Leonard Curtis is a top 10 UK independent corporate recovery, insolvency and restructuring specialist.

They provide directors of struggling businesses with positive strategic advice, enabling them to retain control of their business, as well as creditors and professionals involved with those dealing with debt and financial problems

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