Legal Stationery and Registers

BTC can supply a range of legal stationery for your company upon incorporation or at those times you may require an addition or renewal of your company stationery. Our range covers seals and plates to registers and various other statutory books and documents required by a company.

Seals and Brass Plates

The Company Seal - included in our Professional Package or as an addition to any incorporation package. There is a complete range is available from £19.99 + VAT.

The Seal is a well established method of officially authenticating documents, contracts etc issued in the name of a registered company. The Seal is a tool for placing a raised image (embossing) on paper or card, showing your legally registered company name and incorporation number. Use of the Seal has legal force, although it is no longer mandatory to have one. Your Company Seal will show the company name in a circle round the edge and the incorporation number across the middle.

This world renowned Plier Seal can emboss up to 100gram paper and comes with its own protective wallet which is in matching blue.

The Brass Plate - included in our Professional Plus package or as an addition to any incorporation package. A complete range is available from £24.99 + VAT.

"The company must display in a prominent position where a business is carried on, so that it may be easily read by such customers or suppliers, a notice requiring the information required" (CA2006 s1204). There is no set format for the way the name must be displayed, but the traditionally approved method is in the form of a metal name plate. BTC can provide name plates (normally engraved on brass) either at the time of your Company Formation or at a later date.

Our brass Name Plates are size 152mm x 76mm (6" x 3") unmounted and are engraved with your registered company name and the words "Registered Office". These are Solid Engraved Brass Plaques filled with Black Paint. This is also available with a Solid Mahogany Backing Board for an extra cost of £9.99 + VAT.

Registers and Statutory Books

The Combined Company Register - A statutory requirement for all companies which is included in most of our formation packages. A complete range is available from £19.99 + VAT. Our range includes Limited by Shares, Limited by Guarantee, Public Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership.

An elegant, gold embossed, hard back loose leaf company register. The register contains full sections, for minutes, share allocations, register of members, register of directors, register of directors service addresses, register of company secretaries, register of directors interests.

Each section contains instructions as to how to use that section and provides a full and permanent record of your company statutory details. Extremely useful when you come to complete your annual return to companies house, our price £20+vat plus P&P.

Book of Share Certificates - Contains 25 blank share certificates ready for completion, each perforated for easy removal and with a stub for completion. our price £15.00+vat plus P&P

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