A great deal for start-up business

With the Xero accounting package, you can ensure that your business or company stays compliant and remains on top of its numbers. With great functionality such as its seamless payroll and accounting, "at-a-glance" cash flow, and quick bank reconciliation - Xero has everything your business needs to thrive. It's online too, which means you can access, or "Xero in", from anywhere and anyime, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

From only £4.50 per month

Xero is a beautiful piece of online accounting software and is trusted by more than 80,000 UK businesses and companies. For the first six months, Xero is offering a 50% discount on its Starter, Standard and Premium plans, meaning that you can get your accounting going from only £4.50 per month. After the first six months, the prices for the plans are £9, £20 and £30 per month respectively.

1. Bank reconciliation

Your latest bank transactions are imported and categorised resulting in fast bank reconciliation.

2. Payroll

Reduction of labour-intensive tedious data entry with the seamless payroll functionality helping you improve compliance and minimise errors.

3. Inventory

Speed up the invoicing process with inventory items whilst tracking sales and purchases.

4. Mobile

Manage and view your account on the go with a comprehensive set of mobile productivity apps: Xero app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones & tablets.

5. Add-ons

With over 400 third-party add-ons available to manage your inventory, invoicing, time and more, Xero is a great application for integration into your wider business.

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