Companies House Outage

Important Message: Companies House Outage

Please note that Companies House are still experiencing problems since Saturday morning and at this moment in time we do not have an exact time when they will be back up and running, but this is what we do know.

Companies House are currently running a data backup to restore their systems back to how they were before this outage which started on Saturday. They are estimating this backup will not completely until sometime tomorrow morning (Thursday).

All form submissions which are sent to their gateway are being held in a queue and will be processed when their systems are back up and running, but until that time we will continue to accept orders and submissions on our website and form processing and submit them to the Companies House hold queue.

Please note, as I’m sure you are aware, this is completely outside of our control and we are unable to advise on any exact resolution time frame or by pass their hold queue. We are monitoring our systems and maintaining a dialogue with Companies House. As soon as their systems are back up and running our system will automatically start collecting responses from them as soon as they are available for collection.

Guidance on the purchase of own shares by a company

HMRC have published a new help sheet for advance clearance applications in relation to the purchase of own shares by unquoted trading companies.

The help sheet, which is meant for use in straightforward situations, explains the conditions that must be met before a payment by a company to purchase its own shares can be treated as an exempt distribution. It also provides details of how a company can make a clearance application in connection with the purchase of own shares legislation.

The help sheet also contains two excellent clearance application checklists, one for purchase benefitting a company’s trade and one for purchase in connection with IHT

The help sheet is available from HMRC.

Companies House Processing Issues

Message from Companies House Concerning their status and down time from 24 August 2014, this message received Tuesday 27th at 11.00 Oclock

Dear Customers,

We are sorry to report that we are still experiencing problems with our internal technical systems.

As we advised yesterday, all of the electronic filings will continue to be queued at our front end.

The teams are continuing to work to resolve the situation but we will be unable to process any submissions today.

We will keep you informed of our progress and apologise once again for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards,

Marie Flowers MBE

Customer Relationship Manager


SmartSearch A complete AML search platform

Smart Search is now a complete Anti-Money Laundering Search Platform

SmartSearch has been continuously improving range of searches and its levels of functionality. Business Tax Centre as an authorised partner of SmartSearch can offer you the complete suite on a non-contractual basis.

SmartSearch is the first platform of its type to enable you to research a business, verify the structure, identify the Beneficial Owners, Directors, Partners or Proprietors, and perform an AML check on the appropriate individual’s details, all in one place, producing the all-important AML certificate. This has now been extended to include international individuals as well as international businesses.

New Developments
New changes launched includes option to verify international individuals, SmartSearch Lite, agreement types on all UK primary Data on Individual UK results and the option to turn off on-going monitoring on a client by client basis.

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